Caledonia AYSO
Online Registration

For your convenience, we have assembled an instruction sheet to help you as you register online.  Please read the instructions below and then click on the “Online Registration” link to key the player’s information.  We hope this will eliminate any questions that you have; otherwise feel free to contact our Caledonia Registrar at  Thank you for your interest in Caledonia AYSO!
1. Access the website for the Online Registration.
2. Click on the button “First Time”. It will bring you to the screens that explain the form
3. To register your child, click on the button “AYSO Parents”.
4. The screen will ask you to type the following:
     a. Your first name
     b. Your last name
     c. Your home phone number
5. The next screen will ask you to type the following:
     a. Your e-mail address
     b. A password for you to create
     c. Re-type in your password to confirm
     d. Choose a secret question
     e. Give the answer for your secret question
6. Click on the radio button “I want my child(ren) to play in the region” and type the following 3-digit number 675.
7. The next screen will provide you with instructions to mail (two) 2 copies of the form to:
     Caledonia AYSO
     PO Box 523
     Caledonia, MI 49316-0523
8. Next is the “Parent Information” screen for you to input contact information for the player’s mother and father.
9. The next screen is a list of volunteer jobs for your consideration. Put a check next to the one(s) that you are interested in.
10. Next is the Player Information Screen. Be sure to fill in this entire screen including the Emergency Contact Information
      and Physicians’ information at the bottom of the page. (NOTE: If this is not complete, registrations CANNOT be
      processed until you provide that information).
11. If you do not choose a volunteer job, the system gives you a 2nd opportunity to select a volunteer position.
12. Next you are the options to “Add Another Player” or “Print Forms”. When you print the forms, please print multiple
      copies. You must mail (two) 2 copies along with a check to the address listed in the item #7 above.
13. If you selected to be a volunteer, you may click on the “Volunteer Now!” button to complete your volunteer application
14. At the end of the registration you can click on “Finished”.
NOTE: This online registration process allows you to enter the information and print the registration form.  A player is not fully registered until we physically receive the form and the payment. These may be mailed to our post office box listed below (see#7).
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