Caledonia AYSO
Weather Policy

Please show up at games regardless of weather conditions. Games are to be cancelled by the coaches and referees at the field based on the safety of the players. If the coaches and referee cancel a game, then it is the coaches' responsibility to reschedule the game.
Region 675 has adopted the following weather guidelines to use when considering cancelling a game. These same guidelines should be used on practice nights also.
1. Rain: Games are not called off for rain alone and can be played in a reasonable amount of rainfall. Dress the players warm.
2. Thunder/Lightning: If thunder is heard or lightning is seen a game should be stopped immediately and everyone leave the scene as soon as possible.
3. Wind: If the wind is so severe that the ball on the ground is affected the game should be cancelled.
4. Cold: If the game time temperature is below 40 degrees or the wind chill is below 35 degrees the game should be cancelled.
If the general weather pattern in the area warrants a Regionwide games cancellation the Division Coordinators will try to convey this the night before. If the Region cancels all games then no game can be played and the Region Scheduler will try to reschedule those games for later in the season if possible.
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